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Return of the Hochulmander: Dems are intent on rigging the vote again

Gov. Kathy Hochul and fellow Democrats failed spectacularly last year in their bid to snub voters and rig congressional- districts maps. So, of course, they're trying again this year.

Biden's lying: The migrant crisis is nowhere near over

The border disaster has gotten so bad, in fact, it’s becoming an insupportable burden on New York City, thousands of miles away from the physical border. 

Biden bamboozled TV networks into airing a purely political speech

When a president decides to make an address from the Oval Office, you expect a certain significance.

NY pols keep putting special-interests (and themselves) over their own constituents

This week Airbnb and some of its hosts sued the city over regulations that threaten to wipe out their entire business in New York.

Shoplifters are LITERALLY killing folks. It's time to end the madness

At a Home Depot in North Carolina, a worker was actually pushed to his death by a shoplifter running off with stolen merchandise.

Don (Rickles) Trump, Biden’s primary-elex woes and other commentary

The most recent CNN poll shows Robert F. Kennedy Jr. winning one in five voters, author Marianne Williamson at 8% and another 8% of Democrats supporting "someone else" in the...

Trump the COVID Cuomosexual

Donald Trump praised former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo from his Truth Social account for his handling of New York’s COVID crisis by contrasting it favorably with that of Florida...

Right on, Mayor Adams: CUNY hate-speaker deserves condemnation

Pushback against woke madness is tanking stocks left and right. Voters should realize they can do the same thing to politicians who’d rather fight leftoid culture war battles than govern...

Clean Slate, even for murderers, is Albany's latest 'reform' idiocy

Hochul should use the remaining days to prove she won't tolerate more progressive overkill that threatens public safety. Or she can let out-of-control progressives steamroll her yet again.

The week in whoppers: Comey's Russia-hoax con, Fonda's climate lunacy, more

Former FBI Director James Comey downplayed the Durham report findings and claimed that the bureau "did it the right way" during his tenure.

Congress MUST keep up pressure on FBI's Wray until he stops hiding the truth

A whistleblower alleges the FBI informant file implicates Joe Biden in a $5 million bribe scheme during his presidential campaign.

New emails highlight a Team Cuomo COVID priority: promoting Andrew

No sooner did COVID erupt in early 2020 than Team Cuomo roared into action — racing desperately to find ways to  . . . capitalize on the pandemic, of course,...

Corporate USA awakes to woke, debt-limit deal = GOP win and other commentary

Bud Light tumbled from being the "most-drunk-beer-in-America" after it backed trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

US-China ‘collision’ ahead, GOP’s fiscal wins and other commentary

These minor victories are “a lot better than what conservatives got the last couple of times the debt ceiling was raised.” And that merits celebration: “If the current debt ceiling...

Funny how Kathy Hochul's decisions keep serving hubby Bill's interests

Gov. Kathy Hochul and her husband, William Hochul, have drawn criticism over his position at Delaware North, a major gaming and entertainment giant in Western New York.

The BLM grifters' new twist: Paying off their critics

Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation's latest financial disclosure shows it ended the last tax year with a $9 million deficit.

CUNY's descent into lefty madness CAN be stopped

If only our spineless governor finds the willpower.

Social media's a disaster for teens, yet surgeon general only whispers worry

Letting kids have unfettered access to it is dangerous and deeply wrong, and Murthy should say so without weaseling. This shouldn’t be controversial; indeed it wouldn’t — no parent anywhere would...

Kevin McCarthy's debt-limit deal is a win for Republicans & the nation

Credit McCarthy with playing his cards well enough that this compromise is a lot closer to the GOP’s vision than the Dems’.

Hochul's pointless unity summit, DeSantis-Book-Ban Baloney and other commentary

New Yorkers, contends Meyers, “could do with less talk of love or hate” and more tangible steps to “ensure their safety.”